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Do you have a favorite beer glass? If you are really into good beer, you realize that owning several different styles of beer glasses is a must. Some might think that a glass is a glass, but over in countries such as Belgium and Germany, there's a beer glass for every different brand of beer. If you don't drink your beer from a glass, you're missing out on how it really tastes.

On the topic, wash your good glasses in hot water by hand. This will preserve the logos on the outside better. Also, don't use any soaps. Why? Ever see tons of bubbles sticking to the sides of your glass when you pour a beer into it? That's the residue that's left behind from the soaps, greases, oils, etc.

Here's a few glasses in my ever growing collection! Have a cool glass from a brewer, place, or sports team logo? Post a picture below!

1. New Belgium Brewing Snifter glass. This style is good for high ABV beers, such as Imperial IPAs, Double IPAs, etc.
2. Standard 12 ounce glass. This can be used for any beer style of course. The standard.
3. Guinness Pint. A must have. Great for black and tans.
4. Standard English Pint. Good choice for nitro pint cans such as Boddingtons, Tetleys, Murphys, etc.
5. Chimay Goblet / Chalice. Killer glass for Belgian-style brews. Wider top to enhance the aromas and flavor.
6. Bass glass. Guess what? Bass tastes good in it. And it looks damn cool, too!
7. Weisen Glass. A must have for German Hefewiesens. The taller glass is good for the larger heads that these super-carbonated beers produce.
8. Big ol' Beer Mug. Great for when you want to feel like you are at Octoberfest. Just a shit load o' suds.
9. Warsteiner Half Boot. Cool a hell. Watch out for the dreaded bubble that forms in the toe!
10. DAS BOOT! Beerfest anyone? This bitch can hold 4+ beers.
11. Half Yard. Yup. You look dorky as hell carrying this around, but damn, it's fun to drink from it!

For more on the topic, check out this link to a good guide on beer glass ware:

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And a few more ....

1. Trout Slayer Ale Glass. A gift from my bud Russ. Thanks dude!
2. San Jose Sharks mug. I'm surprised this made it through last years playoff season. Damn Sharks.
3. Sapporo Etched "Flute." I don't have a clue where this one came from. Have never used it. Just looks too damn fruity.
4. Sam Adams Boston Lager Glass. Rumor has it that Sammy spent over 100k designing this glass. Has all kinds of cool features that are supposed to enhance the beer drinking experience. Whatever. It's just a cool glass to hold as it just fits right into your hand.

your right, #3 does look fruity,,,,,looks like a dallas cowbabies glass !!! lol lol ...HTTR !!!

The Guinness and Harps glasses actually came from Ireland! The special Skins glass came from my buddy Riggo! HTTR!
I will get some pictures of my glass ware up soon. However, I keep most of my glasses in the freezer door on my beer fridge. That way you got a frosty glass for that great tasting beer. Anybody else do this or is this a wrong way to store glass ware?
I keep a few mugs in the freezer as well.
Hey, Frank:

Some guys love to chill their beer glasses. I have a few in my freezer for the Summer. Some of the "beer geek" crowd say you should never chill a beer glass. Beer Advocate says, "Never chill your glassware, and decline if served a frosted glass. Why? As the beer hits the frosted glass condensation will occur and dilute your beer, while at the same time alter the serving temperature." I can see their point if you are drinking a darker brew or high ABV beer, which is supposed to be served at a warmer temp, but for the regular lager stuff (which is light bodied to begin with) it's totally up to you.

Post up some picts when you have a chance! You, too, MANROOM!
This is the collection of my one of a kind set of pint glasses that have been in my family for 4 generations.

HA! I knew it was only a matter of time before the blue Solo cup showed up here! I looked for mine, but they're MIA.


The Blue Angels and Marine Stein are my two favorites.
Nice collection MonsterFrank! I really dig that Stein and the Blue Angels one as well.
YEAH THANKS, Just wanted to show that it doesn't matter whats on the outside of the glass, its whats on the inside. LOL

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