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Here's a HOW TO on changing the color of your beer fridge with Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy. I wanted my old white refrigerator to blend in a bit better in my MANLAND surroundings, so I decided to tackle this project last weekend. The fridge turned out great and really looks kick ass in the garage. Here's an overview of the process.

I bought two types of paint: one for the plastic parts (handles, etc) and the Black epoxy paint. I needed three and a half cans of the Epoxy paint for a standard size fridge. (I did two coats.)

The next step was to remove all of the plastic parts and lightly sand the exterior with 150 grit.

I then cleaned the outside of the fridge with solvent. My word of advice on this: don't be a dumbass and accidentally grab a can of Acetone instead of naptha. I did just that and although the Acetone did a great job removing the exterior dirt, it also left behind some residue in spots that later affected the sheen of the epoxy paint in spots. It's minor and you can't really see it, but there are some paint blemishes due to the left over Acetone. Oh, well.

Once I had taped off the rubber door seals with blue painters tape, I went at the painting with the garage door open. (This stuff really smells. Wear a mask and some gloves. This epoxy stuff is almost impossible to get off your hands.)

First coat of black plastic paint on the handles.

Two coats later and the handles re-installed. I did the second coat the next morning.

The new fridge in MANLAND.

Bottle caps and coasters installed ...

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. If I were to do it again, I'd absolutely make sure the fridge is clean and dry before painting. The end result would be a more consistent finish. Also, make sure you put enough newspapers or plastic around the fridge during the painting process. The epoxy settles everywhere within a three foot diameter around the fridge base ... I have a nice outline of the fridge on my concrete floor now...

Questions / comments? Let me know ...

Cheers, MLN

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Good stuff bro.

Thanks, man. And thanks for the suggestion to sand the surface.

damn nice job.

Great job. On a side note: I had to replace my old fridge and this site helped me make the right choice as a replacement, hope it helps you guys too:

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