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HOW TO! Adding a Corrugated Metal "Wainscoting-Type" Wall to Your Mancave

I recently finished extending the 3' tall metal wall in my Manland and thought I'd share some photos of the process. If you can cut wood, pound some nails, use a tape measure, and have plenty of beer on hand, you can do a project like this. Here's an overview of the project.


The first step was to move out the old workbench and start removing the pegboard from the wall.


What a mess. The next step was patching the holes in the wall.



Paint was next. For the record, BEHR paint from three years ago does NOT match the current color. I had a new can blended of the same paint color I painted on the wall three years ago and the tint was totally different. I originally had the color paint matched to the blue color of a Corona bottle but the new color is more purple. I'll probably repaint the whole area soon with a new color.



Materials wise there wasn't much to buy. I needed some 2x4s, three 6 foot sheets of corrugated metal, some metal "L" brackets, and some screws. I also purchased some 2x6s for the top cap and some quarter round trim to hide the white rope lights underneath the 2x6s.


I first started by creating the back wall frame from 2x4s.


I added several cross boards for support.


I then created the small side wall frame.


L brackets were used to attach the frames to the walls.



Time to cut the metal. For this task, you'll need a pair of metal snips. I had an old pair that belonged to my Grandfather. The sheets are 6' tall, so I cut them in half for the 3' wall. I used a sharpie to mark the cut line and then used the snips to cut the metal. Watch the edges after you cut the sheets as it can be sharp.



Here's a shot of the type of metal screws I used. You'll need some type of punch to start the hole in the metal.


Start the hanging process by hammering a hole into the metal.



Then pound a screw into the hole and drive them in. I did three screws on the top, middle and bottom of each panel.



First panel is hanging. You'll slightly overlap each subsequent panel.



All panels attached. I needed to go back and bend down the edges afterwards because they tend to bow up from being cut.



2x6 time. After I cut each side to length, I sanded them smooth prior to painting.





Two coats of semi gloss black paint for the tops.



Installed. I used 2" dry wall screws to attach the tops.



I also added the quarter round trim to the from of each 2x6. I then attached the small rope light underneath.



First neons hanging.



Finished product.



Overall, this was an easy project. Post your feedback below if you have any comments or feedback. Cheers ...

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Looks great man! nice pics.

Thanks, Jason. Need to have you visit for a few beers soon.


Cheers, MLN

Hey sounds good, keep up the good work on the cave. I always enjoy the step by step pictures
Nice how to.
Love it bro!  And I can attest how well it turned out.

Looks great!


very nice and i like the rope light idea.

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