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BRAND: Samuel Adams Boston Beer Co.

NAME: Winter Lager


ABV: 5.8%

PRICE: $8.99 for a six pack

2012 UPDATE: See my comments at the end of this review -- MLN

DESCRIPTION: Ok, I am a bit late on reviewing this beer now that it is February. Sam Adams Winter Lager is a Seasonal beer that is brewed as a “dark, wheat lager with Winter Spices.” The Sammy Website classifies this beer as a “Bock” style with a “robust, malty, caramel, crisp finish from wheat malt and earthiness from Golding’s hops.” I purchased a single bottle of Winter Lager as part of a “Make Your Own Six Pack” at my local store.

POUR/TASTE: Let me go on the record as saying that I love most Sam Adams beers and I especially love beers with a heavy, malt-style flavor. Winter Lager pours with a nice copper / brown color and a decent white head. My first whiff of this beer struck me with a very metallic aroma. There are also some caramel malts and a funky, pungent hop note … one I can’t quite describe. Honestly, I also smelled something that reminded me of serious “B.O.," as the beer has a very bitter note that pushes to the forefront. There is a hint of “winter spices,” but I’m not sure what those are; Sammy says it is Cinnamon and Ginger. At any rate, they are very subdued.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS BREW TO OTHER MANLANDERS? Probably not. If you want a great mainstream Winter Lager, try New Belgium's 2° Below Ale or Alaskan Brewing Co’s Winter Ale. If I were still using the MANLAND beer scoring system, I would have to rate the Winter Lager as a 2 of 5. Sorry Sammy.




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just to let you know,they stopped making winter lager and replaced it with nobil pils
Hmm ... well, that explains it. Thanks, man.
I heard it was their Spring beer, not the Winter Lager they were replacing. Either way, this beer is actually good on tap but the bottle...different story.

Are you referring to the Noble PIls or Winter Lager on tap?

Thanks for stopping by on the chat last night!

2012 UPDATE: Just scored a Sam Adams Winter sampler and revisited their Winter Lager. The previously noted defects in this beer are no longer there. It's possible that the bottle I sampled in 2010 was bad. This time around, I get more malt and a spicy flavor that's prevalent in a lot of Winter-style beers these days. This isn't one of my favorite Winter beers due to the spices, but it's not a bad beer at all.

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