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Going to skip the formal beer review format and post a quick writeup on a new six pack by Bass. It's called the "Black & Tan Pub Kit" and it has three Bass Pale Ales and three of the brewer's newest brew, Stout.

If you've never had a black & tan, it is half Pale Ale and half Stout. The Stout "floats" on top of the Pale Ale, giving the beer a two-tone appearance. Taste wise, it combines the flavor of both beers as you get closer to the division line.

The Bass Stout is lighter and thinner than your standard Stout. It's not Guinness by any means, but it still has a nice dark, roasted malt flavor. I like the idea of three of each beers to make Black & Tans. Try one if you've never had one. They are fun to pour...

Here are a few picts:

For best results, I like to pour the Pale Ale "hard" to make a good amount of head. This helps support the Stout.

Next, grab a large spoon and place it over the glass. Then, pour the stout over the spoon to "dribble" the stout into the glass. Remember to pour slowly ...

The finished product.


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Found it last night. Enjoying one right now!

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